Lift Gate Repair

OFS is your go to Lift gate repair experts

Quality Truck and Equipment installs and repair more lift gates than almost anyone in industry

OFS provides services for lift gates for all kind of lift gates for various kind of motor vehicles such as cars, box trucks we also install lifts in Medical vans premier brand of private, commercial, and industrial hydraulic lifts. We have technicians who are well experienced. OFS adherence to the highest standards craftsmanship, and customer service.

  1. No one can diagnose and repair faster than our experienced technicians—saving you money by charging you reasonable price to save labor hours to fix your lift problems or for installation.
  2. OFS technicians are more knowledgeable and experienced on trouble shooting and conducting repair of lift gates quickly and getting it right at first time.
  3. OFS is up to date on all the latest changes, advisories and service bulletins on all kinds of changes in the industry.
  4. OFS has has Large inventory of parts on hand, to service any kind of lifts.
  5. We keep Access to detailed repair records and they can be requested at any time for every type of lift gate repair or installation.