Car Concierge

We are the only car service company that comes to your place of choice, be it at your job or house, to pick up your car for any services your car might need.

We offer the following services:


Windshield Replacement

Door Glass

Body Work



Oil Change

Tire Repair

Tire Replacement

Already have a free service through the dealer?
We’ll pick up your car and take it to the dealer on your behalf!


We pick your vehicle to take it for:
  1. Emissions test
  2. Inspection
  3. Oil Change
  4. Maintenance work
  5. Any repairs your car might need per your instructions. The repairs can be done in our shop or they can be completed at a shop of your choice. We offer discounts if you do the repairs through us.

Our Mission

Omnia Fleet Services mission is to serve our customers with high-quality service at the most competitive prices. Our focus on customer service continues to be a differentiating factor within the industry.

Our management team has extensive knowledge and experience in the fleet industry with a reputation for outstanding customer service.