Mechanical Services

Mechanical Services

Auto Repairs

Let Omnia Fleet Services manage the repairs for your fleet of vehicles. We know that when your vehicles are not in service, revenue is being lost every day.

Brake Jobs

Brakes should be services at specific intervals for each vehicle in your fleet. Let us notify you when it is time to get your brakes serviced, so there are no avoidable accidents.

Oil Changes

The key to keeping your vehicle running smoothly? The oil the lubricates and protects your engine. Make sure that your oil is changed regularly to maintain optimum performance.

Tire Rotation

Have you ever seen a vehicle pulled over on the side of the road because of a tire blowout? That could have been avoided with scheduled tire rotations.

What Makes Us Different?

Every interaction that we have, every repair that we make, and every service that we provide, makes us better than the last. Our goal is provide the fastest and most quality service in the industry, so that our customers want to use us time and time again.

Total Maintenance For Your Fleet


Oil Changes


Tire Rotations

Hour Turnaround

Amazing Result

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